Visa application for international students


If you want to attend a German course in Germany and you are not from a country that belongs to the EU, except the USA, Australia, Newzealand and Japan, you need a language course visa for your German course. Applicants from the Republik of China, Mongolia and Vietnam need the APS. In the internet our international students can find all the necessary information at the Department for Foreign Affairs and also your agency abroad:


Visa application for international students: Please apply on time for your visa for your German course. The processing of your visa might take up to three months. If you enter Germany with a tourist visa it can not be extended under no circumstances.


Visa regulations:

  1. A registration and payment confirmation (2 german courses = 2x 699 Euro) of our institute for the German embassy in your country.
  2. 150 Euro processing fee. If your visa will be rejected you will get back the course fees and we will keep the processing fee.
  3. An accommodation in Germany.
  4. A bank account in Germany -> click here:
  5. A health insurance for Germany -> click here:
    And select Care College Comfort for 33 Euro monthly. This is accepted by the German embassy in your country.
  6. Please get additional information at the German embassy of your country about additional visa conditions (as health insurance, bank account, declaration of commitment etc.). These conditions vary from country to country and can change quite often. Here are addresses of German embassies:


For further information do not hesitate to contact us.


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